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Owner Peter Klutt hosted the TV show Dream Car Garage from the Legendary Motorcar Company facility for 11 years. He now has a new reality style show called Legendary Motorcar.

Legendary Motorcar TV series on BNN.

Episode Guide
Season 2

01 - A Shoe Fit For a Car

While working on another TV project Peter receives a phone call from a guy who is angry that Peter's footwear does not adequately reflect the level of respect that some of the world's finest cars demand. Really, is this guy serious? Sure Pete's shoes have some mileage on them but whose does this guy think he is? Turns out he is the kind of guy that will come to the shop and answer that question.

02 - The Legendary Bullitt

A client of Peter's wants his Mustang turned into an identical version of the famous Steve McQueen car in the Bullitt movie. Is recreating a Hollywood icon more or less difficult than a standard restoration? The guys at Legendary are about to find out.

03 - All Original Ferrari 275

Peter has been chasing the owner of a 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB 4 cam for 7 years trying to buy this car. When the owner finally decides to sell the car and it arrives at Legendary, even Pete is shocked by how original this car is. Now let's see if the Pebble Beach judges agree.

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