Legendary Motorcar has been involved with automotive TV for well over 20 years. Peter started as a cohost on the Classic Car Restoration series on Speedvision when Automotive TV was in its infancy. Three years later Peter and Tom Hnatiw started Muscle Car productions which they hosted and produced 11 seasons of Dream Car Garage, three seasons of Sports Car Revolution as well as Muscle Car and Super Car shootout series and various one-off specials, which aired on Speed TV. After Tom sadly passed away, Peter with his son Gary started the Legendary Motorcar TV series which aired on Discovery and Velocity for years. After doing 20 years of automotive TV and as the world shut down for Covid, we decided to create a Legendary Motorcar YouTube channel, which airs a weekly video about some of the interesting cars we see coming and going through our shop and showroom. I hope you'll join us.