On-site at the Legendary Motorcar facilities, we manufacture quality parts including:

  • '65, '66, '67, '68 Shelby hoods
  • '67, '68 Shelby front noses
  • '67, '68 Shelby fastback trunk lids
  • '68 Shelby convertible trunk lids
  • '67, '68 ¼ panel extension end caps
  • '67, '68, '69 roll bars for fastback & convertible Shelbys
  • Battery Covers for Mopar, Ford, GM, & AC Delco

Having been in the restoration business for over twenty years we found there was a need for better quality reproduction fiberglass. With extensive experience restoring Shelbys, we started off with making a '65 Shelby hood. Starting with a perfect original hood we then block sanded and fitted it to even better than the original specs, using this perfect hood as a basis for a mold. Instead of the traditional hand laided or chop gun process, we used a vacuum forming process. Using this process we were able to eliminate air pockets and imperfections, producing a far superior and repeatable part. With the success of the Shelby hood we have since expanded to produce a number of quality parts. In addition to producing fiberglass parts, we also manufacture injection molded battery covers for Mopar, Ford, GM, and AC Delco.