100 Car Showroom

Multi-level show room
Cobblestone walkways
Natural & studio lighting

In over 35 years of business, Legendary Motorcar Company has literally sold thousands of vehicles, ranging from Duesenbergs to Laferrari Aperta's and everything in between. Our knowledgeable staff prides itself on honest, accurate descriptions. Having sold vehicles all around the globe, we understand the importance of an accurate description accompanied by extensive detailed photographs & all pertinent documents. Adhering to such high standards has clients coming back to Legendary Motorcar time & time again which helps establish long-lasting business & social relationships.

Mechanical Service Shop

Legendary Motorcar Company mechanical service shop

Snap-On Hoists (3 forms of lifts) Full Diagnostic Equipment Chassis Dynamometer

Got a ride in need of mechanical TLC? The service shop welcomes classics to current, foreign and domestic. Our three configurations of hoist will gently handle vehicles of any ride height. State of the art Snap-On tire change/balance stations are suitable for rims up to 24 inches in diameter. Our Dynojet in-ground chassis dyno can be teamed with engine tuning and diagnostic capabilities ranging in vintage from classic distributor re-curve and dwell machines to the latest in modern PCM calibration. From dyno-tuning vintage muscle, to supercharger/turbocharger installation on the latest supercars, our experienced and skilled technicians can handle it all.

Restoration & Body Shop

Legendary Motorcar Company restoration shop

Downdraft Spray Booth Spray Bake Prep Stations Surface Plate & Frame Equipment Custom Dolly Carts Stationary & Portable Hoists Various Media Blast Cabinets

This is where Legendary Motorcar established its reputation for excellence in the resurrection of once-loved, but forlorn, examples of automotive history to showroom condition. Or better. Whether a restoration is cosmetic or “ground-up” in nature, its time in the talented hands of our body shop artisans is critical to the quality of the end product. Only once every panel is shaped to perfection does the shop’s ultra-modern downdraft spray booth come into the equation. Next comes the near-surgical cleanliness of the separate assembly area, where the daunting task of reconstituting a massive collection of new or refinished parts into a whole automobile is undertaken. To be loved all over again.

Metal Shaping Shop

Legendary Motorcar Company metal shaping shop

English Wheels
Pullmax Metal Formers
Planishing Hammers
Stretching & Shrinking Equipment
Electric Bead Rollers
Six Foot Brakes & Metal Shears
Pro-Spot Welder & Louver Press

Most automobiles are crafted at least partially of metal, making the skill of Legendary’s metal craftsmen, and the quality and variety of the equipment available to them, the very heart of our, well, legendary restorations. You may not know what such esoteric devices as English wheels and planishing hammers do, but in the right hands, they simply do metal magic.

Custom Fabrication & Race Shop

Legendary Motorcar Company Custom Fabrication and Race Shop shop

  • 3 Surface Plates w/ Overhead Crane
  • Complete Machine Shop
  • TIG/MIG/Gas Welders
  • Tube Benders
  • Cutoff Wheels, Band Saws & Metal Shear
  • Shock & Spring Dynos

Got an automotive dream? Our custom shop can translate it into road going reality. Whether intended
for shows or to be driven, our crew can create it using their combination of imagination, proven
fabrication skills and world-class facilities. We can craft the custom vehicle you have always dreamed of!

Detail Bays

Legendary Motorcar Company detail bay

Extreme Lighting
Hot Water Pressure Washer
Hi & Low Speed Polishers

Not everyone needs a new ride or full restoration. That’s why our detail bays are optimized and equipped for the smaller but equally critical tasks: let’s call it vehicle revitalization. Whether it’s an old favorite, or a vehicle you’ve just acquired, our picky perfectionists can lavish attention in the form of thorough hand washing/waxing, interior or underhood detailing, or maybe wet-sanding and polishing for that show-perfect finish.

Storage Facilities

Legendary Motorcar storage bunker

  • Heated & Air Conditioned
  • Humidity Controlled Environment
  • 24 Hour Security Surveillance
  • Seasonal & Long-Term Storage

Looking to store one or more of your collector cars for short or longer term? Look no further than Legendary Motorcar, where we offer space that is both secure and fully climate controlled.

Set for Legendary Motorcar

Open to the public
Located in the middle Legendary Motorcar Showroom

We also produce a TV show "Legendary Motorcar". You are welcome to have a look at the set, nestled in a corner of our 100-car showroom. Who knows? Peter and his son, Gary Klutt, may even be on hand filming.

Conference Center

Unique Automotive Setting

Boardroom Facility
Audio/Video Equipped Board Room

Maybe you’re contemplating a corporate event for up to 150 people in a unique, immersive setting sure to be a talking point for days afterward.